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TSW Committee

Karen Butt


Hi, I’m Karen Butt and I’ve been involved with TREC Southwest since 2014. I started with a couple of training events and volunteered at a competition (which taught me loads), then I started having a go with my then five year old pony Elle.

Since then, we have enjoyed all aspects: training, camp, competing in the winter arena TREC’s, Score TREC and numerous full TREC’s around the country, including the National Championships.

Thanks to TREC I’ve had the chance to ride in beautiful places, tackle some great obstacles and learn lots of new skills, developing the partnership with my pony along the way.

In short I think TREC is a fabulous sport which puts the horse first and challenges the rider in many great ways. I’ve met some amazing people and even more amazing horses and had more fun with my pony than I ever thought possible. I ride barefoot and bitless and it’s wonderful that TREC embraces this.

I’m on the committee as I’m keen to help create opportunities for people to give the sport a go, through training and fun events and by supporting the running of competitions that challenge horse and rider combinations.

As Chair I love hearing views and ideas from our members and helping to create a Club we can be proud. A Club that welcomes and encourages all, to give this great sport a try and have some brilliant moments to share with friends and our wonderful horses.

I look forward to seeing you at an event soon!

To contact me please email or call 07814 672884.

Lucinda Thompson

Committee Member

Despite being young I have been involved in TREC since around 2003! For the last five years I have been living in New York, but returned in June 2018. I have ridden up to level four and won the 2011 individual level three GB championships. I have had a large involvement of promotion of TREC over the years: Windsor horse show, equine fairs and pony club. I currently own four horses. Around TREC, I am studying full time with the aim of becoming a paramedic. I go eventing as much as possible around the SW! I am hoping to help increase the membership of TSW and run a summer competition.

To contact Lucinda email

Andrea White

Committee Member


I am pleased to say that I’m back riding and have rejoined TSW committee and very much looking forward to meeting all of our new and old members.

I was introduced to Trec about 4 years ago and was pleasantly surprised how friendly and supportive the club is, this was great as, at first it was a little confusing learning about PTV, MA, and which way up my map went!

I quickly got the Trec bug and started competing on my horse Bee, we had great success qualifying and competing at level 2 with our trusted pair partners Willa and Bluebell.

I now have another horse called Nancy who is at that adolescence stage of her life, she loves the orienteering part of Trec and is working on level one PTV and getting her canter for the MA.

I’m happy for any new members to contact me as there are lots of questions when you first start having ago from what to wear, to doing your first competition or training day.

To contact Andrea email


Hi, I’m Gizzy Miller and I live near Hatherleigh, Okehampton. I am still fairly new to TREC but I have been horse mad and ridden all my life. I spent my childhood riding at pony club and local riding club events and have had a go and competed at many equestrian disciplines over the years. However, TREC is the most fun I have ever had on horseback! I think it’s the combination of the sport itself and the amazing range of equestrians it attracts. I have been blown away with how welcoming and friendly ‘Treccie’ people are.
I am lucky enough to have a lovely horse, Priggle, who is only 7 and we are learning together. We haven’t done a full summer TREC yet, but I am really looking forward to it if the winter events are anything to go by! I just hope Priggle is better with a compass than I am!

I look forward to meeting you and your horse soon

To contact Gizzy please email


Info on Maddy to follow.

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Info on Jen to follow.

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